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  • Orders processed after 5 P.M. PST will ship the next business day

  • ETA is 4-7 days after order is processed

  • If a discrepancy (address, name, etc.) is identified prior to shipping, please email with your order number and summary of discrepancy asap to correct the issue.

  • In the rare occurrence that a package is lost in the mail, we will replace your items ordered at no additional cost to you. However, if the USPS/DHL/Fed Ex/UPS etc tracking number indicates that your package has been delivered to your address, we cannot be held responsible for a package that is delivered but not received.

Social Media

  • To be featured on social media (IG, Facebook, Twitter) and our website please do the following:
    1. Take pictures of your results with either before & after photos or after photos of your results
    2. Email your pictures to with your handle name along with if it is on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
    3. Lastly, follow us on social media to see us featuring you 
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